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A Web App that Captures the “Feel” of a Neighborhood

Did you ever find a beautiful house online, but wish you knew more about the neighborhood it was in? For this project with Real Agent Pro we created a web app to do just that. This app helps potential homeowners find a new home by the “vibe” or “feel” of a neighborhood.

Technical aspects of this project included:

  • Python, Django, MySQL & Bootstrap
  • Pulling data from RETS, KML, and user-generated neighborhood data
  • Enabling administrators to define neighborhoods by drawing polygons on a map

Software Designed for the Real Estate Industry

While other real estate services on the web focus only on the properties themselves, this project targets both the properties and their surrounding neighborhoods. This web app was designed to be used by a real estate agency to dominate a certain region of the United States. Let’s take Ann Arbor, Michigan as an example. The idea is to have a site that pulls in all homes for sale, allows them to be grouped into “neighborhoods,” and then adds content to those neighborhoods. Specifically, this project is intended to be used mainly for high-end properties in very dense neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are then described according to the experience of living there.

Technology Built with Data as the Focus

This type of application serves a niche market: high-end housing.

The administrative side of the application allows the administrator to actually define neighborhoods based on their research and preferences. So this project could expand from just Ann Arbor, MI to New York, San Francisco, Miami, etc. It’s fully configurable.

The data about housing is all based on RETS and KML data which are industry standard protocols, so information is going to be accurate and fresh.

Project Highlights

Type of project

Create a Web App for a new company who helps people find homes by the vibe of the neighborhood.

Platforms & Technology used

Python, Django, MySQL, Bootstrap, RETS, KML

Launch Date

Jaunuary 2015

Favorite moment

Seeing this cool concept come to life