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Protect Cell



Maintaining ProtectCell’s Business-Critical CRM Software

JumpFuel was brought in to manage and maintain the core, web-based CRM software that ran this cellphone insurance company and supported over 1,000 affiliates. This was a consumer-facing web app with over 100 internal users and 10,000 external users, PCI-compliant, facing 4,000 transactions per day. This work was primarily in PHP and MySQL.

The complexity of this software required to manage the employees, affiliates, and cellphone replacement plans was staggering. Every day it was used to run the in-house call center, do all of the sales reporting, and supported each affiliate. It was the CRM tool and the financial reporting tool as well.

Web Application & Software Management

As part of the management team our job was to keep everything running smoothly and to orchestrate the development team that was constantly updating and repairing the website. PCI compliance, B2B communication, vendor APIs and adding and adjusting new products were all part of the nearly 4-year daily grind. The business grew exponentially during the time we were there, and we were happy to help prepare and transfer over to an internal CTO.

Project Highlights

Type of project

Create a web application for a global brand

Platforms & Technology used

PHP, MySql

Launch Date

Jaunuary 2011

Favorite moment

Watching this company grow to the size it eventually became.