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Grace Boutique of Old Town

Grace Boutique of Old Town


Grace Boutique of Old Town



Technology Consulting for a Landmark Shop

Grace Boutique of Old Town is a wildly popular landmark store in the Old Town district of Lansing, MI. With over 5,000 products, there was a lot that needed to be tracked and added to inventory. They also wanted to start accounting for their many repeat visitors who needed to be tracked as frequent shoppers. However, Grace Boutique had never used a POS system before – that’s where the JumpFuel team came in.

Researching and Implementing a POS System

We made this process relatively effortless for Grace Boutique. We began by sitting down together in order to understand and address their exact business needs for a Point of Sales (POS) system. Then, we extensively researched current POS system options, creating a report along the way which showed the pros and cons of how each option addressed Grace Boutique’s business needs. We negotiated a price for the ideal POS system on the client’s behalf, helped install it, and trained them on how to use the new system.

Since Grace Boutique had never used a POS system before, training was an important part of the process. That’s why in addition to adding the employees to the POS system, we made sure they knew how to do things like print and scan barcodes for products, use the new cash register, etc.

Data Derived from Inventory

Inventory tracking was one of Grace’s top priorities. Dresses that go unsold this year need to go on sale next year – to do that, they need to be tracked. Stock of different sizes and colors needed to be tracked. Everything from the most expensive dresses down to costume jewelry and knickknacks needed to be tracked in the inventory.

The crew at Grace now have data they can review to see which of their products (seasonal or otherwise) are most popular, and when. They know which customers spend the most and how often they come in to shop. They know the day of the week that’s most popular. They can even tell how many costume jewelry earrings they’ve sold in one month compared to another.

This data derived from inventory tracking gives the Grace team the ability to predict trends in shopping. Now they can harness this data to have popular products on the floor depending on shopper preferences and time of the year, and ultimately to avoid waste as well.

Project Highlights

Type of project

Transition Grace to a modern, web based point of sale system.

Platforms & Technology used

Launch Date

Jaunuary 2018

Favorite moment

Working at such a trendy shop in Lansings Old Town!