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Deadly Challenge Outdoor Video Game

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)



Bringing an Outdoor Video Game to Life

We were brought on to create a 40-kiosk outdoor video game that incorporates exercise, education and fun for the BBC Deadly Challenge. Our work included:

  • Full game design
  • Custom Electronics (PCB)
  • Game simulator to find bottlenecks
  • Installation, Documentation, Training & Support
  • HTML5, PHP, Qt, C++

Software and Hardware Perfectly Aligned

This was an exciting project with amazing, driven people. We made an attraction that thousands of children use every week. The game is a lot of fun. The kids who play it giggle and laugh the whole time.

This project was awesome, fun, and very challenging. The game is 40 networked computers that direct players to run from node to node. The information from the player and node (the touch-screen computers) is sent back to a central server. That server routes the kids around the game in a way that prevents queues and player collisions. The terminals either ask a trivia question, or have the player carry out a physical challenge. The physical challenges are electronically timed as the kids run, jump, climb and navigate through obstacles. At the end of the game the players receive a printed certificate with their name on it. The game turned out great and kids, as well as adults, love playing it.

Award-Winning Software and Hardware

We were proud to win two awards with this project, thank you IAAPA!

User Interface, Software Training & Network Computing We designed and built all of the software for this game, including:

  • The player-facing UI
  • The employee-facing admin panel
  • A game simulator
  • Installation and update scripts
  • The internal server API (PHP/XML)
  • Score keeping, player scorecard printing & wristband recognition
  • The physical challenges and the electronic interface to each of the nodes
  • We also installed the game on-site, documented the entire game and trained the entire staff

But we have to say, the best part of this project was watching the kids have a blast playing the game when it was done.

Project Highlights

Type of project

Created a 40 computer interactive video game.

Platforms & Technology used

Microsoft Windows

Launch Date

Jaunuary 2013

Favorite moment

Seeing all of the kids have a blast playing this game