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Baseline Data Services

Breathe easy with Baseline on your team.

GOAL: Recreate, re-organize and re-deploy an outdated difficult to use website so the client can use it as the cornerstone of all of their marketing operations.

  • Google Analytics
  • Salesforce
  • Wordpress
  • Act-On

SEO, email marketing & Salesforce training

I was brought in as a consultant to help them reboot their website and tweak it for speed, SEO and usability. This was a bit of a rescue product but turned into a whole lot of fun. We recreated their website from the ground up and trained their staff on how to write articles that are geared for SEO. Each of the staff there now has the ability to edit their own website and add blog articles. The idea was to get them to rank higher than their competitors and through a number of mechanisms we were able to do that in a lot of useful ways. We also did some salesforce, Google Analytics and Act-On training and configuration.

We saw a dramatic drop in bounce rate from our efforts and Baselines appearance and visibility on the Internet continues to grow today.

Predictable Revenue

Through a series of discussions and cooperative planning we implemented a sales strategy called Predectible Revenue by Aaron Ross. All of our outbound email communications and marketing used this model to great success. The idea was to use Act-On to trigger a series of friendly, casual emails to their email list and on-board new customers in a way that didn’t feel like a pushy sales pitch.

Great Client

The guys at Baseline have turned into friends at this point. Baseline is a company with a long legacy of amazing service and unparalleled customer support. The guys at Baseline were enthusiastic and they continue to be a great customer and service provider.

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