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Carefully Designed Software

Our Process

Carefully designed software by people who love their jobs.

1. Meet & Greet

Projects start with a quick meeting and a conversation. Details present themselves and we’ll record them all. This part of the process is loose and not very uniform to make it easier for a client to communicate. After thousands of projects, this informal type of requirements gathering has proven to produce the best results.

2. Lab Time

After the initial meeting we’ll review our notes and create a document, for the client, that describes what we heard. We will make graphs, diagrams, flowcharts, wire frames and write a lot of text that describes your app as we understand it. This step is critical to establish clear communication with a client. We call this document ‘The Blueprint’.

3. The Blueprint

Present The Blueprint to you for your approval and start the whole process over if it’s not right (we almost never have to do that). Once approved we’ll set up a reasonable schedule and stick to it. Your idea will soon be a reality and you’ll know the delivery date.

4. Delivery

Finally we will deliver your software that was carefully designed by people who love their jobs. If there are bugs, we’ll fix those for free. If there’s changes we’ll collaborate to make sure you are successful.