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“Hello , I am and thank you for posting your project.”

Hate form-letter proposals? Yeah, so do we. Contact us to talk about your project with someone who loves what they do. In 2 emails we’ll know if we are a good fit for each other. If we’re not, we’ll send you to someone who is. That’s right. We’ll refer you to someone who can help you if we can’t.


Some of our recent fun projects with great people.


Chrysler Academy


Protect Cell






Deadly Challenge


Alexander Scourby


Our Process

Meet with you, the amazingly good looking client, and ask you “So, what do you want to build?” Then furiously take notes as you tell us every idea. The atmosphere is relaxed and without judgement so you can tell us all the good, the bad and the ugly ideas. We will sort these out later!

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Go back to the lab and sort through everything. Hang on to the good ideas and put the others in a file marked ‘maybe’. Make graphs, diagrams, flowcharts, wireframes and write a lot of text that describes your perfect app. We call this document ‘The Blueprint’, even though they are rarely blue.

Present The Blueprint to you for your approval and start the whole process over if it’s not right (we almost never have to do that). Once approved we’ll set up a reasonable schedule and stick to it. Your idea will soon be a reality and you’ll know the delivery date.

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Deliver software that is carefully designed by people who love their jobs. If there are bugs, we’ll fix those for free. If there’s changes we’ll walk with you as you think through those before we implement them. It sounds fun because it is; software can be fun. No really. I mean look how happy these people in the stock photo are!

How long is a piece of string?

Exactly. Who knows? Every string is different. Now let me ask you another question; how much will it cost to build your app? We have no idea… yet. Software, like any other complex mechanism, needs to be designed before we can answer questions like “when?” and “how much?”

Our process guarantees success because we make all of those hard decisions on paper first (which is cheap) before we write any code (which is less cheap).

Our Services


Know What You’re Paying For

Before we start programming you will know exactly how your software will look AND function. This document will define the project and you will approve every piece of it. You won’t need to know any technical jargon or software industry terms.


Guaranteed Deadlines

We don’t miss deadlines. Good specifications and careful planning take care of that for us. We’ll arrange a payment structure with you that makes this a very real guarantee.


Bug Fixes are Free

If the software that we created with our specification is buggy, then we fix that for you, for free. Our clients have this guarantee because it helps us to stay focused our goal; your software done right. It also means we have skin in the game on YOUR project. It benefits us to finish on time, the right way.


Your New Profit Center

With our deadline guarantee, cost guarantee and free bug fixing, we are an excellent partner to use to build software for your clients. Many ad agencies and PR firms use us as their development team and can now offer mobile, web and desktop app development as services they provide to their clients.


Software for Non-Techies

Our business isn’t just making the software. Far from it; we get involved. We work with business owners and product managers to translate their ideas into non-technical descriptions of the software they wish to build. Why learn the software industry? We do the heavy lifting for you.


Turn-Key Solution

We are a one-stop shop for everything related to mobile, web and desktop development. If you can dream it, we can build it. Don’t worry about bugs, dealing with late projects, unresponsive developers or messy & complex requirements, we’ll take care of those things for you. With our price and delivery date guarantees, you will be able to safely plan your marketing around a delivery schedule.

JumpFuel Makes Software


Carefully Designed Software

Lots of companies hire us to take their big complicated pile of ideas and problems and turn them into a functioning piece of software that they can sell. It’s what we love to do; to make the complex simple. Or better put; to explain something complex in a simple way.

The way we do that is to very carefully design a solution before we ever write a single line of code. Carefully designed software is the most effective way to deliver customer satisfaction.

After 20 years of creating software (and making oh so many mistakes along the way) we have gained a ton of industry experience. That experience will help your project finish on time and within budget. If you are a good person with a fun project, contact us for a free consultation.


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